Function.length and Default Parameters

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For me (v8) it's more painful. As my code is an v8 extension, I don't have
access to the v8 internals, so I can't:

"specify whether they should be constructors and whether they should have
prototype objects"

Also, getting the length of the function to match 0, 1... is using lots of
argumens[0], [1]... I was told this was less efficient than direct access
to the parameters - it also uglifies the code.

2012/10/12 Brendan Eich <brendan at>

> Norbert Lindenberg wrote:
>> More important: These functions were specified this way because TC 39
>> decided that this is the direction for ES6, and even though ES5 style would
>> have been more convenient for us.
> I can't tell if you mean that Kevin's proposal would be adverse, helpful,
> or neutral.
> TC39 does change its mind before the spec is finalized; please don't mind
> that.
> /be
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