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> 2012/10/12 Alex Russell <slightlyoff at>
>> I feel like there's as PSA we should write over on for
>> library authors about how to not be future hostile.
> Some context for those who wouldn't have followed.
> The W3C, major (western?) browser makers,

Are there major browser *engine* makers not represented? AFAICT, most of
the teams building HTML/JS/CSS engines are stewards (and many people have
worked hard to make sure that's true!).

> Nokia, Facebook, HP, Adobe (and probably others?) [1] have launched a new
> documentation platform this week called
> It's a wiki (based on MediaWiki, which is Wikipedia's engine). I think the
> content is CC-BY-licenced (though I haven't found the confirmation on the
> website itself).
> is in alpha stage for now [2].
> Since it's in such an early stage and it's not really well-known and
> well-established, is the right place to do a PSA as you
> suggest?

Do you have a different suggesetion? It's hard to think of a place that
will predictably see more traffic from folks writing libraries and such in
the future. We can always add such a thing to the new ES wiki, I suppose.

> Dev evangelists could just write blogposts on the topic. It would have
> much more impact in my opinion.
> The level of cooperation and coordination of the different actors around
> has been impressive. Until reaches a
> sufficient level of maturity, maybe there is something to leverage if we
> want any sort of PSA to be efficiently received.
> David
> [1]
> [2]
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