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Sat Oct 13 04:34:56 PDT 2012

2012/10/12 Alex Russell <slightlyoff at>

> I feel like there's as PSA we should write over on for
> library authors about how to not be future hostile.
Some context for those who wouldn't have followed.

The W3C, major (western?) browser makers, Nokia, Facebook, HP, Adobe (and
probably others?) [1] have launched a new documentation platform this week
It's a wiki (based on MediaWiki, which is Wikipedia's engine). I think the
content is CC-BY-licenced (though I haven't found the confirmation on the
website itself). is in alpha stage for now [2].

Since it's in such an early stage and it's not really well-known and
well-established, is the right place to do a PSA as you
Dev evangelists could just write blogposts on the topic. It would have much
more impact in my opinion.

The level of cooperation and coordination of the different actors around has been impressive. Until reaches a
sufficient level of maturity, maybe there is something to leverage if we
want any sort of PSA to be efficiently received.


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