Modular At-Names

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Fri Oct 12 19:51:05 PDT 2012

> Yes, although I don't take the "private, who needs it?" attitude as easily
> as you do. Not saying it's wrong, but I'm not 100% convinced yet.

In a way I'm posing a challenge - I think it will be an interesting debate
to have.

Doesn't this have the same problem you were arguing against in your
> previous message, that if you want to import 37 names, you have to name
> them all individually?

Sure, if we were inclined to import 37 names, but I don't think that will
be the pattern.  Look at current usage of "underscored" property names.
 Their usage is mostly confined to a single site (usually a class).
 Only occasionally will you find an underscored property name whose
semantic origin is non-local (usually in class hierarchies).

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