Membranes, unmediated access to objects through Object.getPrototypeOf

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> 2012/10/11 Andreas Rossberg <rossberg at>
>> On 11 October 2012 13:41, Mark S. Miller <erights at> wrote:
>> > How does the target get dropped? Remember, this all started with David's
>> > observation that without some additional magic, we have an unsolvable GC
>> > problem. This is still true.
>> Ah, right. If revoke also froze the handler object, then it could
>> delete the target, because it will never be observable again. Would
>> that be too magic?
> You're assuming that from the handler you can access the proxy with which
> it's associated, but there is no such explicit link. You might keep track
> of the link purely at the implementation level, but then what to do with
> one-to-many relationships as David pointed out.
> I think the additional Proxy.revocable constructor is fine. It doesn't
> introduce the combinatorial explosion problem I mentioned earlier for
> branded proxies since Proxy.revocable takes exactly the same arguments as
> the Proxy constructor. Only the return value is different.

Agreed on everything but a terminology nit. Proxy.revocable is a function,
not a constructor. The record it returns is not an instanceof

> Cheers,
> Tom

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