Membranes, unmediated access to objects through Object.getPrototypeOf

Tom Van Cutsem at
Wed Oct 10 12:21:28 PDT 2012

2012/10/10 David Bruant <bruant.d at>

> Having this uniqueness invariant is what enforces graph isomorphism. In a
> nutshell, unlike the current proposal, traps can still return proxies, but
> it has to be the exact proxy that can be returned is decided in advanced,
> pretty much like the current invariants where there is no choice on the
> object to be returned. What I'm proposing, just shifts which the set of
> objects from the targets set to a particular set of proxies.

Sorry, you lost me. I don't understand the benefit of this alternative

We should also be wary of adding even more Proxy constructors, as we'll
otherwise end up with a combinatorial explosion (revocable branded proxies,
branded proxies with a symbol whitelist, etc.)

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