[[Call]] vs. [[Construct]] using symbols

Herby Vojčík herby at mailbox.sk
Tue Oct 9 00:31:51 PDT 2012

Dmitry Soshnikov wrote:
> Though, that's said, then we'll have several the same semantically
> entities (proxies, unstratified traps, Object.observe) with different
> approaches. And it's better to reduce them. I like unstratified
> @"private" hooks. Don't see the reason why should I use Proxy in this

What I in fact propose in not a hook, at least how I see it. Just the 
(sort-of) declarative way to produce good old constructor function (but 
which in its implementation can safely distinguish whether called by 
new/super or by plain invocation and act accordingly).

> case (and how? -- by proxying what? -- prototype property of the class
> object manually? come on...)
> Dmitry


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