[[Enumerate]] and enumerate and keys trap

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Mon Oct 8 11:10:01 PDT 2012

Rick Waldron wrote:
>     Also, in a previous attempt to merge operations into a single trap
>     (freeze, seal, preventExtensions) we eventually circled back and
>     left them separate, on the grounds that most of the time you'd end
>     up having to dispatch based on the arguments to a dedicated
>     operation anyway.
> Additionally, if your defining a target, you could just as easily 
> define one trap handler and assign it to all traps and do the dispatch 
> _anyway_ (default handler?). I completely agree with the symmetrical 
> approach, anything else will break intuition. (no silver bullet, but 
> counts for something)

Also, double-lifting is a concern. Not sure flag parameters break it, 
but they are an anti-pattern in themselves.

So what's the right spec/trap layering -- could someone please resummarize?


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