Membranes, unmediated access to objects through Object.getPrototypeOf

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Mon Oct 8 02:42:24 PDT 2012


Proxies enable the implementation of membranes [1]. It's one motivating use
case of proxies. Useful membranes mediate access to every object which was
reach from another object in the membrane.
I realize now that Object.getPrototypeOf violate this principle in harmful

    function C(){}
    var wrappedC = wrap(C);

    // Thanks to the wrapping get trap, we have:
    wrappedC.prototype !== C.prototype

    // Now, consider:
    var wrappedCInstance = new wrappedC(); // created a cInstance as target

    // Because of the getPrototypeOf invariant, we have:
    Object.getPrototypeOf(wrappedCInstance) ===

    // worse:
    Object.getPrototypeOf(wrappedCInstance).constructor === C // and not
wrappedC !!
    // It's still possible to delete C.prototype.constructor for this case,
    // the least undeleted .constructor can yield unsecure code...

Basically, the getPrototypeOf invariant provides unmediated access to
prototype objects which sounds like an abusive amount of authority.

I suggest to revise the getPrototypeOf invariant from
    "the trap result must me target.[[Prototype]]"
    "the trap result must be either target.[[Prototype]] or a proxy which
has target.[[Prototype]] in its target chain"

For the definition of "target chain" (or "proxy chain"):

This new definition would enable wrapping Object.getPrototypeOf calls and
allow preserving the following equality:

    Object.getPrototypeOf(new wrappedC()) === wrappedC.prototype

because as the proxy proposal is, this equality cannot be true any longer.

This flaw was here since the original proxy design in which
Object.getPrototypeof was untrapped and I think justifies in itself the
addition of the getPrototypeOf trap regardless of the whole __proto__ story.

This flaw gives me an impression of "elephant in the room" that we've
Over time, I've gained a certain level of intimacy with the proxy spec and
I can't help having this feeling of "what else are we missing?". I don't
have the answer, i'm still searching, but if we've missed this elephant the
whole time, I can't help thinking that the proxy spec needs more attention.


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