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Sun Oct 7 15:57:36 PDT 2012

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 1:02 AM, Jussi Kalliokoski
<jussi.kalliokoski at> wrote:
> I find this interesting as well, because I've been thinking of creating Yet
> Another(TM) module loader, which would be a standalone polyfill for Harmony
> modules.

I just wrote one:

>  * If there's a cross-compilation hook on the loader, does the dependency
> resolving happen before or after the compilation? Former is more efficient,
> but places constraints on the compile-to-JS languages.

I also have the same question. Currently Loader API does not provide
feature to define module dependencies, so only latter is possible as
current draft. In my.js loader implementation, I add extra
"references" property which is accessible in hooks to make former

>  * Is there a way to do async cross-compilation with the hooks? e.g. offload
> parsing and everything to a worker to keep the main thread responsive?

+1. Currently only fetch hook is async, I think translate hook could
also be async so that we can utilize Worker.

On the other hand, fetch hook could also be sync. In fact I suggest follow API:

options.fetch( relURL, baseURL, resolved )

fetch hook returns String (fulfill) or Module instance (skip translate
hook) or throws (reject) or returns a Promise object as async form.

options.translate( data:ModuleData )

ModuleData structure:
  data: String // code source
  type: String // mimetype such as text/coffeescript
  uri: String // code uri
  references: [String] // uri references for dependencies
  relativeURL: String // relURL
  baseURL: String
  resolved: Any
  // Note: I dont think relativeURL/baseURL/resolved are useful for
translate hook but just keep them as current draft

translate hook returns ModuleData or String (translated source) or
Module instance (skip parent loader translate hooks) or throws
(compilation error) or returns a Promise object as async form.

>  * Is it possible to import things to local scope? For example, is this a
> syntax error, and if not, what happens: `function x () { import y from x }`

I think it should be syntax error.

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