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>>     Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>>         It might be useful to expose this functionality with a more
>>         obvious
>>         name, to underscore that you lose the secrecy/unforgability.
>>         Symbol.public()?
>>     We are mooting public as the keyword for non-private but unique
>>     symbols, so that's ambiguous. ReallyPublic? :-P We want to capture
>>     the singleton sharing, and 'intern' is the jargon word to use. For
>>     the jargon-disabled, I'm not sure what to use, but perhaps
>>     teaching people about intern'ing is better than using some long
>>     Java-esque name.
>> Maybe Symbol.namespace('iterator') to communicate that you're referencing
>> the global System namespace pool. Anyone can easily roll their own
>> namespace pools too.
> Urgh, namespace is misleading, it suggests Common Lisp's symbol packages,
> the AS3/ES4 namespaces, XML namespaces. Here, @iterator is not a prefix or
> part of a pair, or set-of-symbols. It's just a symbol you can find from a
> string.

I admit the historical baggage may be too much to shake but what we're
talking about here is quite precisely a namespace :)
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