Ecma 402 (i18n API) v2.0 features list

Gillam, Richard gillam at
Thu Oct 4 11:47:15 PDT 2012


> The core problem for a ResourceBundle-style solution, as one expert noted many years ago, is that "ECMAScript also has no I/O facilities, so there's no standard way of getting UI elements out of an external file." [1]

Heh.  Nice catch.  :-)

> JavaScript libraries that do have access to I/O facilities (XMLHttpRequest, <script> tags, ...) have implemented a variety of solutions. For ECMAScript, the ES6 module system offers a way to dynamically load extensions; Allen and I have chatted about using that for resource loading, but it's not clear yet what that would look like.

Yeah, this is a challenge.  The way we solved it here is very Kindle-specific and was outside of the JavaScript engine itself, so maybe this isn't specifically a problem for JavaScript.  But it'd be nice if we had some kind of a story to tell people.

> It's certainly a topic worth talking about on Friday.

Great.  I'll do my best to be there.


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