Must built-in prototypes also be valid instances? (Was: Why DataView.prototype object's [[Class]] is "Object"?)

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Oct 1 20:17:42 PDT 2012

Mark S. Miller wrote:
> Regarding the integrity of original as 
> a branding mechanism, I agree we need a new more general branding 
> mechanism. WeakMaps and Symbols both give us a place to hang this, but 
> we need a concrete proposal. The proposal should work both with 
> builtins and with classes. If a better branding proposal waits till 
> ES7, then we need to preserve integrity of original 
> as a branding mechanism through ES6. If 
> this is preserved through ES6, then it probably 
> becomes too entrenched to consider retiring.
> Were there other questions for me that I missed?

Yes. Should (per the latest draft, Object.prototype.toString) 
the following names:

"Arguments", "Array", "Boolean", "Date", "Error", "Function", "JSON", 
"Math", "Number", "Object", "RegExp", or "String"

and "Object" (per Allen here), and only these names, be prefixed with 
"~" when returned via [[Get]](@@toStringTag) where @@toStringTag denotes 
a spec-internal (implementation-internal) symbol?

The idea is to uphold ES5's paragraph from Clause 15, starting

''The value of the [[Class]] internal property is defined by this 
specification for every kind of built-in object. The
value of the [[Class]] internal property of a host object may be any 
String value except one of "Arguments",
"Array", "Boolean", "Date", "Error", "Function", "JSON", "Math", 
"Number", "Object",
"RegExp", and "String".''

Step 4 uses [[NativeBrand]] in preference to @@toStringTag, which 
enables the core-language built-ins to return, e.g., "Array" without 
fear of "~" being prepended.

This two-level scheme seems like overkill, and the clause 15 intro 
restriction on host objects claiming, e.g., to be of "Function" 
[[Class]] (presumably to be updated to [[NativeBrand]]) seems 
unnecessary to me. If a host function satisfies all the observable 
requirements of a native one, why not?

I asked a question aimed more directly at you up-thread: why should 
*only* the above 12 or 13 names be subject to "~"-prepending when 
returned from an object that lacks [[NativeBrand]]? Are there not host 
objects in need of protection from class-spoofing?


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