typeof symbol (Was: Sept 19 TC39 Meeting Notes)

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>> My main point was: any kind of simplification of the current situation helps (even typeof o === "null" which, OTOH, might not be worth the risk).
> We can't change typeof null === "null". V8 tried and it broke the web, and 1JS means we do not want typeof changing rules under module {...} -- that's a gratuitous refactoring hazard.
> typeof (function(){}) == "function" && typeof null == "object" && typeof {} == "object" -- just grieve and accept! I have :-P. Doesn't mean typeof is not useful and indeed widely used, and important for the ==/=== two-way implication. Other type tests would work for that implication, but typeof is the one in the language.

I agree, sorry for not having been clearer – that’s what I meant by “ might not be worth the risk”. But it seems to have come up again as a possibility in this thread.

>> Regarding cross-frame: Many explanations on the web of determining whether a value is an array sound like this is an impossible task (ignoring Array.isArray()) and that’s a shame. Alas, I’m not sure how one could do better here, it’s really a tricky problem. postMessage seems like a partial solution.
> Or Object.prototype.toString.call(x).slice(8, -1) === "Array"? Not iron-clad but prior to Array.isArray, nothing is.

Yes, but yet another special case: “use typeof (along with === and !==), except where you have to use instanceof, except where you have to access [[Class]] in a non-obvious manner”.

I’m not complaining, merely suggesting that there must be a better way. But I’ll offer something concrete by writing up a few thoughts.

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