Object.getPrototypeOf(arguments) VS [[Class]]

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Wed Nov 28 08:59:53 PST 2012

ES1-3 had arguments pretending to be "Object" but not actually an Object 

ES5 changed to use an internal class with name "Arguments". No Arguments 
constructor, Arguments.prototype, etc.

I don't think we should polish the arguments turd further.


Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
> I just wonder if anyone can explain why functions arguments [[Class]] 
> is Arguments but Object.getPrototypeOf(arguments) is Object.prototype
> This looks to me inconsistent against every other [[Class]] different 
> from Object case:either the class Arguments exists, or it doesn't, 
> don't you think?
> !function(){
> Object.getPrototypeOf(arguments) == Object.prototype; // true
> {}.toString.call(
>   Object.getPrototypeOf(arguments)
> ) == {}.toString(); // true again
> }();
> Thanks for clarifications.
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