Leap second clarification

Yusuke Suzuki utatane.tea at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 15:14:36 PST 2012


About 4 months ago, a leap second is inserted. And it reveals that there
are many implementation diversity for leap seconds.

For example,
JavaScriptCore accepts the leap second in Date#toString format[1], but
rejects it in ISO 8601 format.
On the other hand, SpiderMonkey rejects it in Date#toString format, but
accepts in ISO 8601.
V8 rejects the leap second in ISO format and when it comes in Date#toString
format, heuristic second check(0-59) decides it isn't second and fail to
parse it.
Chakra rejects both, and Carakan shows the same behavior to SpiderMonkey

( quated from this blog post
http://uupaa.hatenablog.com/entry/2012/07/02/113201 )

I think it is better to describe it as NOTE or standardize this behavior.

[1] Thu Dec 31 23:59:60 GMT 1998
[2] 2012-07-01T08:59:60Z

Yusuke Suzuki
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