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Sat Nov 24 05:58:34 PST 2012

>>  • MOP changes: Added [[GetInheritance]]/[[SetInheritance]] as internal methods for accessing [[Prototype]] internal prototype chain.
> Why not [[GetPrototype]] and [[SetPrototype]]? We have a absurd number of excellent resources (including but not limited to Dmitry Soshnikov and Axel Rauschmayer's websites/blogs) which use extensively the ES5 internal [[Prototype]]. It's also been very hard to get people to understand the difference between .prototype and [[Prototype]]. I'm afraid a new change would create a lot of confusion.

Currently, we have the following inheritance-related terms:

1. [[Prototype]]
2. [[GetInheritance]], [[SetInheritance]]
3. __proto__
4. Object.getPrototypeOf()
5. C.prototype

1-4 are closely related, 5 refers to a different concept. I still welcome any measure to make this terminology easier to understand and talk about, but I realize that that might not be possible.


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