Do we really need the [[HasOwnProperty]] internal method and hasOwn trap

Andreas Rossberg rossberg at
Mon Nov 19 04:14:30 PST 2012

On 19 November 2012 13:04, David Bruant <bruant.d at> wrote:
> I wish to point out a little thought on the topic of memory management. As
> far as I know, all GC algorithms I'm aware of are runtime algorithms,
> meaning that the primitives of these algorithms are objects and references
> between objects. I have never heard of memory management system that would
> take advantage of source code informations to not allocate memory if it's
> proven to be unused after allocation (or allocate less if it's proven only
> part will be used).
> Is it a stupid idea? Too much effort? The conjonctions of 2 research areas
> where people usually don't talk to one another?

Search for "region inference" or "region-based memory management". Was
a hot topic in the late 90s, but ultimately the cost/benefit ratio
turned out to be not so clear.


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