Support for basic linear algebra on Array's

Matt Calhoun calhoun137 at
Sun Nov 18 18:17:31 PST 2012

I believe that having a concise notation for linear algebra is an important
feature of a programming language that can dramatically improve code
readability, and furthermore that linear algebra is a powerful tool that
has many applications in java script.  I would like to make the following
two suggestions:

1. Extend the "+" operator to work on Array's of numbers (or strings).

2. Allow for scalar multiplication of Array's which contain only numbers.

Although there are many problems with a simple linear algebraic solution
which arise in contexts where java script is a natural language of choice
(for example WebGL), there are no simple ways to express these solutions in
java script because the language itself creates a barrier to even basic
operations such as subtracting two vectors, in the sense that the amount of
writing it takes to express these operations obscures their mathematical
content.  For more complicated linear algebraic work, the problem is quite
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