let and strict mode

Kevin Smith khs4473 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 07:02:29 PST 2012

Dave Herman proposed as part of 1JS that module imply strict mode, so let
> is reserved in module. So that helps.

Sure, for inline modules.  But are externally loaded modules strict as
well?  I think they should be...

1. 'let' only in strict code including modules per 1JS as originally
> proposed.
> 2. 'let' followed by identifier or { but not LineTerminator.
> 3. 'let' followed by identifier or { with LineTerminator and other space
> allowed in between.
> 4. 'let' followed by identifier, {,  or [ and LineTerminator in between is
> ok.
> 5. We could also allow 'let' per (4) in functions not in modules that do
> not "use strict" but do use new ES6 syntax in their heads, e.g.
> destructuring parameters, default parameters, rest parameters. Those head
> features could arguably opt into 'let' syntax but not strict mode.

Anything other than (1) neuters either the let statement or let identifiers
- yuck.  As Domenic says, most new code will go in modules anyway.

- Kevin
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