Herby Vojčík herby at
Fri Nov 16 05:54:56 PST 2012

Andreas Rossberg wrote:
> On 12 November 2012 16:43, Mark S. Miller<erights at>  wrote:
>> The shift back to "when" clearly failed to achieve consensus.
> FWIW, I think "then" is better, because "when" sounds as if it should
> be passed some kind of predicate or condition. It just doesn't read
> very natural when taking continuations.

Just a bikeshedding, but "when" as well as "then" are too ... deep, or 
how to say it, used in too many different situations in the plain 
English. IOW, they will undoubtedtly read awkward for certain scenarios.

I myself found good old Smalltalk ifTrue: and ifFalse: fairly readable.

Wouldn't it make sense to call them ifYes/ifOk/ifRight vs. 

> /Andreas


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