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Why go purposefully against the existing terminology of the JavaScript ecosystem? Just say “deferred” where you have “promise” and “promise” where you have “future” and you avoid needless confusion and conflict.

This isn’t Scala; we have existing terminology for exactly these concepts. Just use it.

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If the second argument is optional, it's possible to have both one-arg and two-arg styles in the same API.
What do people think about this idea?

Maybe - minimalism served the class proposal quite well.  It might be a good strategy here, too.

Here's what I'm thinking:

    // Creates a new promise
    let promise = new Promise();

    // Resolves the promise (ala Q)

    // Rejects the promise (ala Q)

    // A handle to the eventual value of the promise

    // The then method (ala Promises/A+)
    promise.future.then(val => {

        // Success handler

    }, err => {

        // Error handler

    // Returns a future for the value

    // Returns a rejected future with the specified error

    // Returns a future for every eventual value in the list

    // Returns a future for the first resolved future in the list

Initial implementation here:

I think it's important to separate "Promise" from "Future".  Back in the CommonJS mailing list days, there was contention between Promises/A (thenables) and Promises/B (basically Q).  But they really are complementary:  futures and promises.

- Kevin
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