Leo Meyerovich lmeyerov at
Mon Nov 12 11:00:08 PST 2012

Rearranging a bit:

>   * the weight of library authors sending down their own versions of this stuff is MASSIVE and *should* inform what we do. Any other bias needs massive justification. So yes, we have tons of validation on this. Just look around.

Q is 3KB compressed, and some of its primitives seemed unnecessary last time I looked. There are bigger frameworks, but they diverge, which suggests disagreement on more substantial coordination abstractions.

> To the extent a built-in does that, it should be following practice.

This assumes, as based on your comment above, that promises are not a performance construct. I largely agree for today's browser scenario.

Interestingly, a built-in may enable optimizations that a library cannot -- I'm curious as to the Node community's take. They've done some cool benchmarking, and I can see extending the promise API to be more data-centric leading to significant speedups. Despite my enthusiasm, I suspect the Node scenario merits more experimentation with high-performance implementations, not just libraries.

- Leo

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