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> [...] In my code and in my Q specs <
>> and
> implementations <
> I have been using "when" rather than "then". Because these are otherwise
> compatible AFAICT with A+, for the sake of consensus I'm willing to change
> this to "then" everywhere. But before I do, I'd like to make one last plea
> for "when" and see how this community responds.

> If this argument fails to persuade us on es-discuss to switch to "when", I
> will proceed to replace all my uses of "when" with "then" and declare this
> terminology issue over.

The shift back to "when" clearly failed to achieve consensus. I just fixed
the wiki page to use "then" instead of "when". For consistency, I also
fixed it to use "there" instead of "where". This is only a bit awkward, as
"there" might be here but the word "there" soft implies somewhere other
than here. Since "when" has no other advocates, this terminology issue is

Updates to code coming when I have time.

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