Promises (David Bruant)

Leo Meyerovich lmeyerov at
Sun Nov 11 17:46:00 PST 2012

> I wasn't aware of this and then read through about a dozen WebAPIs [2] between yesterday and today and... discovered it's the case. In my opinion, one of the most absurd example is the DOMRequest thing which looks like:
> {
>   readonly attribute DOMString readyState; // "processing" or "done"
>   readonly attribute DOMError? error;
>   attribute EventListener      onsuccess;
>   attribute EventListener      onerror;
>   attribute readonly any?      result;
> };
> Read it carefully and you'll realize this is actually a promise... but it has this absurd thing that it has to have both an error and result field while only one is actually field at any given point.
> Also, these APIs and JavaScript as it they are won't support promise chainability and the excellent error forwarding that comes with it off-the-shelf. Also, the lack of a built-in Q.all really doesn't promote good code when it comes to event synchronization.
> Oh yes, of course, you can always build a promise library on top of the current APIs, blablabla... and waste battery with these libraries [3].

Reading the thread again, is this really the primary motivation for adding promises? I don't see how the energy issue gets noticeably addressed, and so it sounds like, indeed, "you can always build a promise library on top of the current APIs." 

There may be real expressive value to a serious promise proposal, however. It can enable identifying asynchronous APIs and then 1) allowing frameworks to introspect on them and 2) clarifying the succeed/fail protocol. Doing so with standard promises seems awkward and insufficient, however, because their use only becomes apparent via duck typing: you wrap every API call, intercept the return, and check if it was a promise. Supporting introspection *before* the call seems more desirable. (So, perhaps, the proposal would be for a special async prototype added to any async API call). 

Hopefully there is more discussion going on in backchannels here..

- Leo

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