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>>> Hi,
>>> In this message, I'll be sharing some experience I've had with the Q
>>> library. I have worked with it for about 7-8 months in a medium/big Node.js
>>> application (closed source, so I can't link, sorry).
>>> I'll be covering only the parts that I have used during this experience.
>>> It's related to my own writing style and I don't mean that the rest is
>>> useless and should be thrown away, but the subset I'll be covering here has
>>> proven to be sufficient to my needs for several months.
>>> I would be interested if others could share their experience if they had
>>> a different way of using promises.
>> I also used Q (a slightly older version) for several months before
>> removing it because of cost/benefit.
> I would like to understand this better. When you using only the
> .then/.when callback style, or were you using the .send/.post style to send
> eventual messages to the promised object? In my own code, I use mostly the
> .send/.post style, and I find it substantially improves readability.

Only .then/.when. That is the style that many examples promote. I don't
know about .send/.post.  (Style is also important in callback based async
coding, which is why the case against that approach is often over stated).

> See <>
> (with improved slides at <
> for a particularly elegant example using promises. I would be curious how
> well you could express this without promises.

I also encountered a couple of cases where promises work exceptionally
well. If promises were built into the language and debuggers were upgraded,
then I would choose to use them for just these cases. Given both
preconditions I'm unsure I would use promises more broadly: they are not
the panacea I imagined when reading examples written by advocates.  I would
strongly advocate realistic evaluation of a debugging system for promises
(like eg Causeway) before committing to implementing them in the language.

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