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> Another idea: log such transformed errors, or automate matching of handled failed promises against generated failed promises.

What we really need, as mentioned by Kris Kowal on Twitter recently, is the ability to *un*-console.log something. That is, we want to log unhandled rejections for the duration of them being unhandled, but if someone does come along and handle it, we need to get it out of the console.

Currently we kind of do this by exploiting a trick in some browsers' array-logging capabilities. If you log an empty array, but later modify its contents, it live-updates in Chrome (although this behavior might be going away from what I can tell) and I believe other browsers. This is a bit hacky and unpredictably supported.

All this has led us to contemplate building browser extensions with appropriate hooks for such logging. That's still an as-our-scarce-time-permits project, however. 

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