Why are non-method properties in a prototype an anti-pattern?

David Bruant bruant.d at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 09:26:16 PST 2012

Le 07/11/2012 18:17, Axel Rauschmayer a écrit :
> In theory, one can use prototype properties to provide default values 
> for instance properties. In practice, that is not often useful, 
> because the constructor normally creates all instance properties right 
> away, assigning default values where necessary. And, with default 
> parameter values in ES6 that is even easier to do.
> As mentioned by Andrea in another thread, another argument against 
> non-method prototype properties is that they prevent you from freezing 
> the prototype (because that would make assigning to instance 
> properties impossible).
inherited properties can be accessors. That's how WebIDL works.
I have no opinion as to whether inherited data properties are a good or 
bad idea, though.

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