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Why not task.js, instead?

Different issue: do we already have a solution for a missing error handler causing silent failures? task.js should cover this, too (right?)

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On 07.11.2012, at 00:42, "Claus Reinke" <claus.reinke at> wrote:

>> I agree that promises should be standardized in Ecma-262.
> Agreed. That would also offer the possibility to support promises
> in syntax. In ES7 (latest), I would like to see something roughly like
>   { ...;
>     let x <- promise;
>     ...;
>   }
> (read as "let x from promise"), desugaring into
>   { ...;
>     promise.then( (x) => { ...; };
>   }
> Essentially, this is an even shallower continuation than generators
> (only the remaining statements in the current statement list), but it
> is already sufficient to avoid callback nesting issues in async code. It also suffices to implement generators, but for syntax. 
> By relying on nothing but a '.then' method, this isn't tied to promises
> in the narrow sense, but provides a reusable building block for other control abstractions (to begin with, abstracting away the default
> error handling in some APIs).
> Claus
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