Can we have Function.isPure(f)

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Mon Nov 5 14:06:23 PST 2012

I think "closed strict function" is adequate for these purposes. By
"closed" though, we need only mean "except for the whitelisted globals",
using the whitelist at <>
as updated for ES6.

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> Irakli Gozalishvili wrote:
>>   Hi,
>> I keep running into cases where I would like to know if function is
>> pure. Although my interpretation of pure is not quite right but I don't
>> know any better name. By pure in this context I would refer to functions
>> that don't access an out scope variables and don't
>> do any mutations of itself or it's properties no references to itself
>> could be an option too. My intended use case for such a feature is to
> IOW, 'stateless'; or 'serializable'. For in fact it means, that I can send
> f.toString() to the other side and when evaled, I can use it.
>  processes too, it would be great if we had something like
>> Function.isPure(f). Also as far as I know jits already capture this info
>> for optimisation purposes maybe it could be exposed ? Another
>> alternative could be pure(function() { …. }) that would throw compile
>> error if
>> function followed is not pure.
> Yes, it could be nice to have some API to help with this. Maybe not
> generic isPure or the like, maybe Function.serialize(f) and
> Function.deserialize(**serialized_f) would be enough, the former
> returning null if not pure/stateless/serializable.
> It is good to note that the function is serializable not only if it has no
> outer pointers, but also when its outer pointers only point to 'known
> primitives' (numbers, strings, null, true, false; not symbols).
>> Thanks!
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