__proto__ and JSON

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.com
Wed May 30 06:24:01 PDT 2012

David Bruant wrote:
> Additionally to JSON, I'd like to ask about if decisions have been 
> made for __proto__ in object literal notation.

That's part of the de-facto __proto__ standard, AFAIK.

> David
> Le 30/05/2012 14:07, Felix Böhm a écrit :
>> After reading that __proto__ is becoming standardized, I was 
>> wondering what the impacts on JSON would be. JSON is a subset of 
>> ECMAScript, 

No, not formally. http://timelessrepo.com/json-isnt-a-javascript-subset 
(nit-picky but it's on target.)

>> so __proto__ would break current semantics.

How so? JSON is JSON and it won't change. The subset relation is a good 
myth. It doesn't bind JSON or JS in reality, since __proto__ is out 
there and so is JSON.


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