Reflect.parse (from RE:typeof null)

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed May 9 11:06:44 PDT 2012

Maybe. It's too late for ES6 and different implementations have 
different concrete parse trees, I bet -- although perhaps they all agree 
on concrete, there's still the question of mapping to abstract. This 
needs more time to bake.

It's also a mouth to feed, not as much as a second built-in parser but 
it takes its maintenance toll feeding over time. More time needed to get 
implementor buy-in on this count.


Kevin Smith wrote:
>     The Reflect namespace object is part of direct proxies, also
>     populated in SpiderMonkey (not web-facing) by Reflect.parse to get
>     an AST for a given source string.
> Will Reflect.parse be standardized?
> kevin
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