March 28 meeting notes

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Thu Mar 29 11:24:26 PDT 2012

For me it was a tradeoff. I prefer consistency. The treatment of
'this' was done TCP-style, so I'd have preferred for the other
language constructs to also behave TCP-style. However, practical
gotchas begin to form:

- yield cannot be done TCP-style within the framework of what we're doing.
- what should break, continue, and return do if they're done
TCP-style? They'd throw some exception across to unwind the stack to
the destination of the break, continue, or return. That exception
could be intercepted by try/finally blocks inside functions
dynamically on the stack in between the source and target function,
which then brings up the questions of what it would reflect as, etc.
(If you just make it bypass catch and finally clauses, you create even
worse problems.)


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