arrow function syntax simplified

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Wed Mar 28 12:11:37 PDT 2012

> *Just a short hand:*
>   let thin = ( a ) -> { return x; };
>   The general response to this is that it makes complete sense: "just
> syntax" and "just shorthand" are common "i get it now"    phrases. Also,
> this is highly desirable ie. they want it now.

Despite users wanting this, the numbers seem to show that between object
literal method shorthands and a hypothetical function form which binds
|this|, a simple short-hand would get little use, and arguably not enough
to warrant new syntax.

Rick, I've added the numbers for the original (unarrowed) Popcorn.js to the

Note that out of 96 function expressions, only 6 use dynamic |this| and
aren't part of an object literal.  This means that *at most* 6 of those 96
functions would need a simple shorthand for classic functions, if a bound
|this| shorthand were provided.

IMO, we can provide the greatest benefit by providing a short-hand which
also bind |this|, without any other TCP-ness.

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