RegExps in array functions

Felix Böhm esdiscuss at
Fri Mar 23 13:28:35 PDT 2012

Hi guys,

just a first try for a proposal: Array.prototype.[filter/some/every]
currently require a function as an argument. Most of the time, everything I
want to do is check if they match a certain pattern. So what I end up
writing is a RegExp that matches the pattern, and calling its test() method
for every member of the array.

My proposal is to allow people to use a regular expression as an argument
for the three methods. Current implementations throw an error when they
don't get a function as an argument, so this won't break any (working) code.

An example:

["fOo","bAr"].filter(function(elem){ return /foo/i.test(elem); });

should be replaceable with


For non-string members of the array, the current behavior of the
RegExp.prototype.test method (ie. converting the value to a string) applies.

Any reasons why this is a bad idea? (Or is it just my bad attitude? :D )
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