Finding a "safety syntax" for classes

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> Russell Leggett wrote:
>> This is what Allen said about hoisting for this spec (Its been a long
>> thread, not sure if you missed this.):
> Thanks, I did catch up that far on the thread, but Allen reiterated the
> point he'd made months ago: you can't hoist *and initialize* the class
> declaration as you can a function declaration. Rather, class decl is like
> const decl. That was my point.
> If "hoist" means only the binding, with a TDZ protecting use before
> in-evaluation-order init, then we agree.
> If hoist means (as I used it, and even the words from Allen you quote do,
> viz "hoisting class definitions and immediately initializing them the way
> we do with functions just doesn't work...") moving the initiialization up
> too, then that misorders expression evaluation.

Yes, hoisting just the binding is really the only way to avoid stalling
out. I think it is easy to reason about, works as desugaring, and hits the
90% case.

> I'm pretty happy with the thread, and with Allen's strawman based on your
> suggestion and Dave's minimal classes work. Thanks!
No problem. I keep hearing you say you have doubts about classes making it,
and it is easy to see why - and yet I think everyone would like at least
this most minimal classes.

"The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will
fail. But hope remains, if friends stay true."

I have hope :)

- Russ

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