Finding a "safety syntax" for classes

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Mar 22 19:42:42 PDT 2012

Russell Leggett wrote:
>     Well, I favour constructor because it blends well with the
>     underlying mechanics... there _is_ a property named constructor in
>     a prototype, pointing exactly to the constructor method of that
>     prototype. So if I looks at the class {...} block as a blueprint
>     for how the .prototype of the class will look like, it is the
>     right name.
> Haha, yes - that too. Forgot to mention it!

I used to think this was convincing as a reason to prefer 'constructor' 
over 'new', but then Dave Herman pointed out that the syntax does not 
magically wire up the class binding or expression result to the 
'constructor' property -- there's still a magic extra semantic attached 
to the name. Given this, we could choose a shorter name (and impute 
'constructor' from it).


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