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> Do you mean automatic comma insertion? Waldemar pointed out hazards involving [] and other combinations that use a lexeme that can be a prefix bracket form or a binary connective. On that basis I believe TC39 rejected comma elision as proposed for object literal (initialiser, sic, ECMA-262 says) syntax.

No, just that, starting with ES5, you can write a trailing comma (like after `bar`, below). If you combine that with the proposed shorter method syntax for object literals then syntactically, it’s just like replacing each semicolon with a comma, in a hypothetical semicolon-based syntax.

With "semicolon separation", I meant "semicolon-based syntax".

>> I wonder, though, if comma-separation can’t be learned, especially if trailing commas can be added (which is legal in ES5):
>> let obj = {
>>    foo: 123,
>>    method() {
>>    }
>>    bar: "abc",
>> }
>> Manageable and the exact analog of semicolon separation.

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