value objects

Grant Husbands esdiscuss at
Tue Mar 20 08:57:00 PDT 2012

David Herman wrote:
> There's a rough draft of the strawman here:
> Comments welcome!

Overall, I think it's a good idea. I have to admit that I did at first
get excited that custom value types and operator overloading might be
in, but I can cope.

This feature could also lead towards types that aid in SIMD
optimisation for graphics work, if such is problematic right now. Even
if they aren't part of this proposal, they might usefully guide some

Even though it's listed as a to-do, I wondered whether a discussion on
overflow might be fruitful. I have no great ideas, myself, but I think
that significant nimbers of people would vote for each of wrap-around,
saturation, error values and exceptions. I wonder whether there's any
easy way of supporting them all. Anyone have any interesting ideas? Of
course, implementation costs are an important aspect.

Grant Husbands.

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