Using Object Literals as Classes

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>>  Just to contribute to this... er... fun-thread...
>> My team uses the closure pattern for our "classes" (i.e. no prototype
>> methods at all), since we value encapsulation. I can't imagine we're alone.
>  For my own curiosity, can you point me to some examples where you are
> strategically avoiding the use of the prototype pattern?
> When he needs actual encapsulation.
> Unfortunately, methods on prototype require to have properties that are
> public.

If you avoid prototype methods, all your attributes and private methods can
> be shared by public method scopes.

Sorry, I don't subscribe to this as an adequate argument against
prototypes. jQuery has a whole lot of hidden, private functions and data -
using an IIFE. Ultimately, the developer makes the decision to write well
encapsulated code - prototype or closure pattern should have no bearing.


> David
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