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Fri Mar 16 10:48:04 PDT 2012

Axel Rauschmayer wrote:
>> I would be glad to see some gallery of minimal approaches, with easy 
>> diffing showing the same code implemented in them (I would also 
>> propose minimal classes of my own). But it is reasonable only when 
>> minimal classes in general would be accepted as the way to go.
> Exactly! Otherwise, we’ll just go in circles.

Not hermeneutic spirals, just circles. Feels like the last year (we cut 
off ES6 proposals, modulo exceptions/tweaks, last May; we had a big-ish 
classes strawman synthesized from several prior proposals; we lost Bob 
Nystrom to Dart).

Minimal classes had a good subset of TC39 supporting last summer in 
Redmond, but we got hung up future-proofing use-before-initialization 
for const and guards, if I recall correctly. The notes from the July 
meeting should cover this.

If we can fight the future in the future and start small, we may yet 
rescue classes.

I noted to Jeremy that even his classes gist snuck in a novelty or two 
(the one I remember is class <expr> evaluating <expr> and copying it 
somehow). We need to avoid novelty, while accepting that doing so is to 
some extent future-hostile because present-friendly.


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