How about replacing <| with ->

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at
Thu Mar 1 16:21:21 PST 2012

It was recently suggest to me that it is unlikely that we will ever adopt -> as as function expression shorthand symbol and that this means we could consider using that symbol sequence for other purposes.  In particular, it would be a reasonable and possibly less controversial alternative to the <| symbol.  I would have no objection to that switch and have written the suggestion up at 

Some examples of this usage of -> include: 

  MyObject.prototype -> {a:1,b:2}
  let subclass = superclass -> function () {};
  var p = newRegExpMethods -> /[a-m][3-7]/

What do you think? Do you like -> better than <| ?  Is it ok to not have it available for functions?

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