Native JSON loading (was: system module loader)

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I’d like this idea, especially when native JSON loading is combined with JSONPath (if possibly provided by standard ), e.g. I have a large JSON formatted content served by server:
  Content-Type: application/json
      brief: {
          // 10 properties
      }, /* This is a stop-point */
      // other 100+ properties, over 2MB in size
Once native JSON loading is suppoted, when I load a uri with JSONPath such as ./api/info.json#brief, would it be possible that user agent streamed this response, read until the close of *brief* property (The stop-point in code example), then close this connection (or other ways to notify server that remaining content is not required), this would (in some case) be benefit for network performance.

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> What about native JSON loading?

How would this be different from XHR + JSON.parse() sugar?

Are you proposing loading the JSON from the server as though it were a module?

FWIW, most of my JSON-loading use cases are post-page-load, they are of the "fetch some data from the server based on user input" variety.

In a very very very small number of cases (session state mostly) I also will load data at the same time as page load; for these cases I currently use SCRIPT tags and code ~ like this on the server

print("Content-type: application/x-javascript\n")
/* do stuff */
print "var o = " + uneval(o);


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