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@ is also sort of planned as a syntax to access private properties of an 


Also mentioned in this thread: 


Kevin Smith wrote:
> One thing that has come up in my number crunching is the repetition of
> the character sequence "this.".  If we allowed @ (ala CoffeeScript) as a
> shorthand for "this.", then we could, if nothing else, shave perhaps
> 1-3% off of the size of minified code.
> Other advantages:
> - A pain point for doing OO programming in javascript is the required
> "this" repetition.  A shorthand would alleviate that pain.
> - If private names are allowed as the "name" in @name, then we would
> have a concise syntax for private "member" access.
> See this example <https://gist.github.com/2007371>. (This example
> describes a hypothetical class syntax, which I'm not proposing in this
> thread.  But it does illustrate the @name concept.)
> kevin
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