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Tue Mar 13 18:20:34 PDT 2012


Over the weekend I applied David Herman's new tri-lambda syntax to
Popcorn.js to see how it would look and feel:

So, just now I ran Popcorn.js through your Analytics Machine, here is the

Total Function Expressions*: 63 65.625% Expression Functions**:
1219.047619047619047%Expression Functions That Return an Object
Literal:00%Functions with a single statement:914.285714285714285%Block

* Does not include function expressions that contain references to 'this'
in its immediate scope.

** Function expressions whose first statement is a return.
Parameter List Length 0 17.46031746031746% 1 47.61904761904761%
230.158730158730158%34.761904761904762%4 or more0%
On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 8:55 PM, Kevin Smith <khs4473 at> wrote:

> I've updated the tool to also analyze the number of formal parameters for
> each BTF candidate.  I've haven't had time to update the spreadsheet, but
> for every body of code that I've sampled so far, 1 is the most common
> number of formal parameters.
> This suggests that optimizing syntax for BTFs with one parameter might be
> worthwhile.
> kevin
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