Using max stack limit to determine current js engine and revision

Brandon Benvie brandon at
Sat Mar 10 16:28:44 PST 2012

    As an ES5 library without code verification or rewriting, there's
nothing that SES can reasonably do about this.
    Perhaps this is something to address eventually once SES is made into a
de jure standard.

That's the part made me even give it a second thought. The answer I got on
the Chromium report was telling and also makes sense given who's answering
"browsers have a navigator object that says all of this anyway" essentially.

I was thinking from the es-discuss angle, not the chromium or browser one,
in that this is kind of a language issue because it's a required
functionality in the language that's also unspecified and has resulted in a
universal property that makes it impossible to fully sandbox code you run
from leaking this information. The efforts of SES were the angle I was
thinking of as it shows there's definitely a use case impacted by this kind
of engine level issue.
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