optional "function" keyword

Russell Leggett russell.leggett at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 13:18:26 PST 2012

> Thanks for throwing out alternative syntaxes. We should keep beating on
> this anvil, shorter function syntax is well worth it. But we need a non-GLR
> parsing procedure that rejects ambiguous grammars.

So here's my pitch - I've been thinking over a lot of the different
syntaxes that have been passed around, and I've got a combination that
might just work:

    // ':' is the clue that this is the start of a short function
    coll.map(:x -> x*x) //function(x){ return x*x;}

    // even short functions can be named
    coll.filter(when: x -> x%2==1) //function when(x){ return x%2==1;}

    // multiple parameters, and if the function needs a full function body
    coll.forEach(:x, i -> {
        if(i%2 === 0){
            console.log(x + " is " + even);
             console.log(x + " is " + odd);


    // the names can be an asset in more complicated callback situations
         ok: result -> doSomething(result),
         error: e -> handleError(e)

    //if no parameters or name, can drop the ':'

I think this should be easy to parse, and I feel like using : keeps it from
seeming too foreign.

- Russ
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