How about replacing <| with ->

Aymeric Vitte vitteaymeric at
Sun Mar 4 10:29:57 PST 2012

The first time I saw the "<|" symbol I found it frightening and thought 
that developpers would find it frightening too.

But it is easy to get used to it if we just think about the visual 
representation and it looks more friendly than other proposals along 
this post.

I don't like a lot "->", it can look more friendly at first step, but 
can be confusing with other languages's use (makes me think to damn php 

So I prefer "<|"

Le 03/03/2012 18:35, Allen Wirfs-Brock a écrit :
> On Mar 3, 2012, at 8:51 AM, Dean Landolt wrote:
>> What you're describing sounds a lot more like trait composition than prototypal extension. While that'd be great it's already been nixed for this go-round. I don't really think of this op as a function composition but regardless, it's definitely a non-commutative binary operation -- there are two arguments and the order matters a great deal. We just have to decide what order. But yeah, it's pretty arbitrary, and both prior art and intuition seem a bit muddy :-/
> One reason that I prefer<| is that I find it easy to think about it as a close approximation to an atomic symbol such as ◁  (U+35c1).  I don't perceive the<  and | as individual elements and hence I don't have any cognitive dissonance about its meaning.  I find this less so with +<   which places + in a more distinctive position which leads me to think about mean of + in this new context.  I have a similar, but slightly less negative reaction to<~  simply because the ~ is much more visually distinct than | .  I admit that this distinction between<| and<~ or +<  seems pretty arbitrary, but at least for me, I think it has an actual  perceptual basis.
> Allen
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