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Mikeal Rogers at
Wed Jun 27 13:00:18 PDT 2012

Sure, but I would hate it if this opportunity to create a **better** module system was dragged down by compatibility with existing ones. We can migrate the node modules if we need to, but the new system has be compelling enough for us to do so.

We should identify the short comings of the existing module systems and improve upon them. We should take the learnings of what **does** work and has been successful in those modules systems with a greater degree of importance. 

One thing we've learned in node is that you can't let the past drag you down in building a better future. We religiously break compatibility for the sake of improvement and if we can get this proposal to a place that node people feel it is an improvement then a break in compatibility is an easy thing for us to do.


On Jun 27, 2012, at June 27, 201212:50 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:

> I personally really like the current module proposal - I think we could 
> ...benefit from working out how ES6 modules are going to interoperate with current module systems, though.
> (my 17 mo. old hit the send button early)
> - Kevin
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