ES Modules: suggestions for improvement

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Wed Jun 27 12:16:16 PDT 2012

> obscured_call could have deleted the 'real' property, and added (or not)
> 'typo'. There is no way in general to statically check property references
> in JS. Static analysis is by definition approximate and while we have some
> hot analyses in SpiderMonkey and (to be brought back up soon) DoctorJS,
> they are way too much to mandate in the standard.

I was thinking that if Isaac's proposal were modified such that exported
names are static, and import expressions always return an object whose
properties cannot be set, then we wouldn't need a special import binding
form.  We could just use "let/var".

But at that point, it's more or less the same semantics and I prefer Dave's
spelling (particularly "variant A").

- Kevin
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